Hypnobirthing Hamilton

1. Experience more joy and elation during birth: Giving birth is one of the most powerful, meaningful experiences of your life. Using the skills taught in a Hypnobirthing Hamilton class enables you to maximize your enjoyment by minimizing discomfort, fostering inner peace and building confidence in both yourself and your birth companion(s).

2. Enjoy a more peaceful pregnancy:  Preparing your body and mind for birth using the Hypnobirthing Hamilton approach automatically creates an easier, more enjoyable pregnancy. This is good for you, your baby and those close to you!

3. Draw on the proven power of Nature:  By understanding how birth works and what you can do to consciously participate in its unfolding, you align yourself and your baby with the wisdom you both embody, the innate wisdom of physiology and process gifted to you by Nature.

4. Minimize medical interventions:  While there’s always a time and place for intervention in order for best outcomes to occur (and your personal choices and preferences will always be respected in a Hypnobirthing Hamilton class), the application of Hypnobirthing results in healthier parents and babies, translating into a greater occurrence of completely natural birth. Hypnobirthing also helps mitigate the side-effects of any chosen or required interventions.

5. Heal: In accessing the subconscious mind through Hypnobirthing, and experiencing an empowered birth, significant healing can occur.  Whether your healing is about body image, fears about parenting, past sexual trauma or other concerns, hypnosis facilitates healing in an easy, gentle, effective way. If a previous birth experience was less than satisfying, having a birth using Hypnobirthing can be a profoundly healing experience.

6. Feel empowered: A major theme covered in Hypnobirthing Hamilton classes is the importance of listening to and trusting oneself.  You’ll be encouraged to declare what is right for you, and to communicate what you want and need.

7. Make better decisions:  By applying the techniques taught in Hypnobirthing Hamilton classes, you and your birth companion(s) will be in a healthy state of mind and therefore be better able to make the best decisions possible as you move through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.  Hypnobirthing Hamilton curriculum is the most comprehensive in the city, which means you’ll be equipped to make well-informed choices medically and otherwise.

8. Engage in fuller relationships: Connecting with your baby and your birth companion(s) is an important component of the Hypnobirthing Hamilton approach. If you're partnered, classes teach you and your partner exactly how to support each other during pregnancy, labour and into parenthood.

9. Get the 4th trimester off to a great start:  Adjusting to life with a new baby is both challenging and rewarding. By experiencing the best birth possible, carrying techniques learned in class into your parenting, and receiving sound education about the postpartum period, your family will begin its new journey with greater joy, peace and wellbeing.

10. Live a happier life: While the focus of Hypnobirthing classes is, of course, pregnancy and birth, many of the techniques you’ll learn are applicable to virtually any aspect of life. You’ll learn how and why to live with greater peace of mind, how to navigate difficulties with greater ease and grace, how to connect more lovingly with your family members, and how to deepen your trust in yourself and Life.