Hypnobirthing Hamilton


LaraStewartPanko.com- access online supports such as videos, MP3s, supportive blog posts and the innovative "101 Days of Joyful Babyhood" program, a way for moms to make the most of their baby's first year

Hamilton Regional Lactation Committee - get quick, reliable information about breastfeeding or download a long-standing publication that will support you well in the early weeks

​Barefoot Health - articles​ written by Canadian Naturopathic doctors specializing in maternal-child health

Waterbirth International - lots of info about using water for labour

​International Chiropractic Pediatric Association - find a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy & child health

La Leche League - trustworthy breastfeeding info & supports

Dr. Sears - pregnancy and child health and developmental concerns addressed by a well-respected medical family

Zero to Three - information about child development & parenting in the early years

Reaching In, Reaching Out - a fabulous site that helps parents develop resilience in themselves and their children

Quit Day - supports to assist with quitting smoking