Hypnobirthing Hamilton


A postpartum doula is a woman who is trained and experienced in family life during a child's first year. 

My role is to support your family in having healthy, empowered experiences. I provide education, emotional support and practical assistance.

Postpartum doula services are especially useful if:

  • You don't have adequate assistance from your partner or family members
  • You're dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety
  • You've birthed by Cesarean or have other physical health challenges
  • You're wanting more support as you adjust to parenthood
  • You're self-employed or otherwise not able to take a full year's parental leave and you need some assistance to manage it all!

​My services are applicable for both

short-term assistance and on-going support.  
Your wishes and needs direct your care.

​For a wealth of online resources, including videos, recordings, blog posts and the amazing "101 Days of Joyful Babyhood" program, please visit LaraStewartPanko.com.