Hypnobirthing Hamilton

Momoko and Mats

Dearest Lara,

I forgot how tiny newborns are!!! 

I always thought of Mats as a baby (which he will always stay no matter how grown up he is) but Momoko (that is our daughter's name) is a real baby. And it takes some getting used to again to know how to carry and "handle" a newborn. But she is soooooo cute and beautiful and I am absolutely in love!!! I miss Mats a lot. He has been spending lots of time with his grandma and Tim (and loves it!!). He has been very sweet with his new little sister although he wants breast milk as soon as he sees her being fed. I red that was to be expected and of course I let him. Believe it or not, there hasn't been a day that I didn't think about labor and Momoko being born and LOVE looking back!!! So different to when Mats was born. A second time around things are much easier; I wish I'd had hypnobirthing for my first birth too. 

I went into labor at around 2 am. I spent some time listening to the recordings and relaxing (which went really well). When a contraction came as I was breathing the slow breath the best thing that went with it was full-body relaxation. Spent some time in the tub (lying sideways did the trick and covered my belly which was heaven!!!) and called my midwife at 4.30. She was here about 20 min later and I was already 8cm!!!! She said that I would have to decide whether to stay or go to the hospital right away because whenever my water broke the baby would be born then and there!! At that moment Mats woke up upstairs and I had to do some cuddling. I thought it may be better to go to hospital because to take care of Mats AND be in labor/have the baby would be too much for me (in the middle of the night mommies are the one and only as you can imagine). But again at precisely that moment (while cuddling and telling Tim we needed to somehow leave for the hospital) my water broke!!! Luckily, Tim could persuade Mats that it would be fun to wake up his Dinosaurs together with grandma. And from then on it went so fast. Midwife rushed upstairs to set up everything. Tim had to fill in for the second one who was on her way. Only enough time for a picnic plastic-fleece cover on the bed when I felt these amazing surges that pushed my baby out (I swear I wasn't pushing myself!!!! It was incredible and unbelievable how much I was aware of everything the second time. I wish I wish I wish i could have listened to my body the same way the first time). It felt like 4 contractions were enough for my baby to be born (I don't know if they were actually 4 or more but who cares). Timeline: First contraction at 2am, intense contractions from 3.30 onwards, membranes released at 5:37, baby born at 5:51!

She came out and Tim saw her do all the turns and he was so delighted. There was my beautiful daughter who made her entry into this world soooo easy for me. They waited for the cord to stop pulsing and Tim cut it. Tim was amazed by how great everything went! He said that if giving birth was SO easy even he could do it (haha). Anyway, the interesting thing is that some contractions were totally easypeasy and quick but I could feel a difference as soon as I wasn't relaxing (e.g. once while waiting for the midwife in the living room I got cold - no blanket and no socks on!!! The conraction basically took my breath away. After I got socks and a blanket and did my relaxation on the couch it all was ok again. I can't stop raving about how good all this felt/feels. And I want another baby :):):).