Hypnobirthing Hamilton


Elliana Elizabeth Bokma, daughter of Karmyn & Ben, was born Dec 24th, 2011   

We had a wonderful birth experience and really credit a lot of that to our classes!  We had planned on a homebirth and were able to have that experience, for which we are really thankful.  I had had some contractions through the night on the 23rd, but active labour didn't really start until the next morning around 8-ish.  I spent a lot of time during those first few hours in the bathtub, which was so relaxing.  The day was just spent hanging out at home, and lots of walking around to keep things moving.  I found the contractions quite manageable and that was entirely due to the breathing and relaxation exercises that we spent so much time practicing!  After 4 hours my midwife checked me and I hadn't progressed past 4 cm, but the head was really low, so she broke my water and I instantly went to 6.  Things definitely got more intense at that point, and the contractions were coming very close together.  I definitely had a moment where I thought "I can't do this anymore", but was actually encouraged by that thought, because I knew it meant that I MUST be getting close :)  

And then something incredible happened! I fell asleep!  During transition - the most intense time!  And I can only credit that to our hypnobirthing. It wasn't a deep sleep, but Ben put on another relaxation track and I was kneeling on our stairs trying to cope and before I knew it I was dozing! It was definitely what got me through that last hour of labour and kept me so relaxed!  (So THANKS Lara for the great training!) I have no idea how long I did that for, but after I kind of "woke up", I asked my midwife if I could get in our birthing tub, so she and Ben filled it and I got in.  Instantly, I felt like I could push, and so began the birth! I only pushed for around an hour and at 4:20 she was born.  

It was such a great experience and I feel very blessed to have had such a healthy, positive labour and birth.

We are VERY in love with our little girl and happen to think she's the most beautiful thing out there! Thanks again Lara for the classes, we have no doubt they contributed to our great experience.