Hypnobirthing Hamilton

My previous birth was very medical with an induction, epidural and episiotomy.  I found the experience to be intrusive, traumatizing and when my baby was born, I carried little positive emotion from the experience.  With the help of Lara from Hypnobirthing Hamilton, my second birth was very different!  Our baby girl, Chloe, was delivered without any intervention.  This natural experience was VERY relaxing.  I had my baby in hospital and, upon arrival, the staff didn't believe I was in very active labour.  It was quite peaceful, calming, relaxing and breathing the baby down was a wonderful experience.  When Chloe was born, I cried tears of happiness.  There was lots of emotion and I felt like a woman.  She latched immediately and breastfeeding has been an enjoyable experience. 

What made this experience so great was the readying Lara provided me.  It was very informative and truly made me believe that women are designed to labour peacefully.  I found listening to the relaxation track during my labour to be very beneficial.  It helped to keep me in such a deep state of calm and focus.  Lara also worked with me to find out what things were important to me to make my delivery a positive experience and she encouraged me to share this information with my midwife.  My midwife embraced the concept of hypnobirthing and followed through with my requests.  My husband was included at all times in the hypnobirthing experience and teachings and he had an active role during labour & delivery.  He didn't have that 'useless' feeling that he had had with the birth of our previous child. Hypnobirthing Hamilton teaches us that it is not just about minimizing pain; it is also about creating such a powerful experience!  I recommend it to everyone!