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When a family welcomes a new baby, life itself becomes fresh again, and it can be tempting to overdo the gifts for the wee one as we get caught up in the love and joy we feel.  A small mountain of beeping and flashing toys can overload the senses of a child (and their parents!), and I’ve seen the best intentions of adults run amuck in excessive plastic and packaging.  So what’s a generous, caring gift-giver to do with all this enthusiasm?

Give Engagement: In truth, Baby doesn’t care so much about presents, but she does care a whole lot about being loved and how people spend time with her.  A gift certificate for a parent & baby exercise or music class will give her countless moments of fun socialization and support her healthy development.

Give Time: Sometimes scheduling, family dynamics or health considerations put limits on how much time can be spent with Baby, but even a bi-monthly date is precious for everyone. Announce your commitment with a beautiful card or coupons for different outings or childcare options.

Give Nature: Research abounds about how important it is for people to be connected to nature in order to enjoy maximum mental and physical wellbeing.  It can be difficult-to-impossible for babies to safely spend time outdoors during weather extremes, but you can bring nature to them!  Consider a book containing photos of animals or nature scenes, a wooden toy, a family membership to the RBG or Conservation Hamilton, or a voucher for a great day outdoors when the weather is friendly!

Give Soothing: Babies have to deal with so many changes in the first year of life, and some of them aren’t so fun.  Teething, rashes, growing…being human doesn’t always feel good.  You can help ease first-year discomforts by providing all-natural body care products such or eco-friendly toys to chew on. Visit Barefoot Babies (in person or on-line) for oodles of choices!

Give Handmade: Do you knit, sew, do woodworking?  Maybe you’re an artist or just crafty enough to put together a fabulous project you’ve found on-line or at the library.  Homemade gifts are timeless works of unique beauty, carrying with them the love of the hands that fashion them.  Whether it’s cozy legwarmers, a toyshelf or something to play with, a present made by hand has connection written all over it.