Hypnobirthing Hamilton

"We cannot recommend Lara's Hypnobirthing class highly enough.  Initially, we were apprehensive that Hypnobirthing might be too flaky for our liking since we are both very evidence-based, but that wasn't the case.  Lara respected our love of statistics and research and sent us primary articles on several areas of concern.  Lara also gave us incredibly helpful inside knowledge about policies in the Hamilton area, which gave us the opportunity to make informed decisions.  We had a scary incident come up near the end of the pregnancy and Lara was an amazing support person; she was an excellent listener, she offered practical advice and generally made us feel better at a time when we were extremely worried.  When the baby was breech at 35 weeks she did a breech turn script and when I went for an ultrasound two days later, the baby had turned!  Using the techniques Lara taught in class during a difficult birth allowed me to stay calm and focus on what was really important -- our new baby.  We extend our warmest gratitude to Lara for all her help." ~ M. & A. A., parents

"This is the tool we were looking for to make our special day as wonderful as possible." ~ W.H., father


"Lara was an inspirational and encouraging teacher and guide in the Hypnobirthing process.  She covered the material in an easy, conversational manner, allowing the participants to discuss further the topics of interest or concern to them.  She is a wonderful, understanding person, and I feel she played a very important role in my beautiful, natural birth.  I was able to take what I learned and work with my husband and midwife to deliver my daughter quickly and with relative ease.  I recommend Lara and her class to anyone interested in Hypnobirthing." 
~ K.M., mother

"I just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing experience in Hypnobirthing.  I have learned so much and know that I will continue to use all that I've learned in my midwifery toolbox as your techniques will mature with me as I continue my midwifery journey.  You have an amazing gift and I am so glad I got to witness, explore and gain from it." ~ K.F., midwifery student

"Your sensitivity to my past and how it impacts my learning and practice of Hypnobirthing was greatly appreciated.  You went above and beyond to ensure my comfort.  Thank you so much." ~ J.L., mother