Hypnobirthing Hamilton


Hypnobirthing Hamilton classes are different from other Hypnobirthing classes in a variety of ways.

The tools of relaxation are taught in conjunction with a thorough exploration of physiological preparation for labour, including positioning of baby, positions for mom during labour, pelvic & perineal health and important nutritional considerations. We cover non-pharmaceutical pain management techniques such as manual applications, acupressure and the use of water. The most common medical interventions are discussed in an objective way that empowers you to make informed decisions that are right for you and your circumstances. We also delve into the world of parenting by discussing feeding, bathing, sleep, crying, parent care and relationships. 

I am passionate about people being as empowered as they can be in order to navigate their birth experiences and family life with as much peace as possible. I strive to nurture empowerment by sharing

useful information for both body and mind.

Come be supported as you build your confidence and make the connections that will enable you to have your best birth!

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Baby Ava was born in water at a Calgary hospital.

Her parents did Hypnobirthing Hamilton classes via Skype.