Hypnobirthing Hamilton


Baby Mena was thrilled her mommy had Hypnobirthing techniques to help her navigate her early arrival in the OR.

Hypnobirthing Hamilton classes are great preparation for ALL birthing scenarios.

You may take a class at any point in your pregnancy. Completing a class by week 37 of your pregnancy is ideal, but I can sometimes accommodate families late in pregnancy. 

Classes are conducted in-person or by Skype. 

The Hypnobirthing Hamilton approach is learned through classes which include instruction, discussion, and the practice of techniques.  At-home components include light reading, listening to supportive recordings and practicing techniques learned in class.

Please Note: If you take a Hypnobirthing Hamilton class, you DO NOT need to take another prenatal class.  Our content includes and exceeds that found in most other classes, including those offered by Public Health.

Please explore the drop-down menu to learn about the different class options and discover which best suits your circumstances.

Your unique choices and circumstances will be honoured, supported and handled

with utmost care.

Hypnobirthing Hamilton is principled upon safety and inclusivity. All family structures, abilities, faiths, etc. are celebrated. I love people and all the diversity we embody!